Specialty Coatings and Adhesives

Logos of various Distributors

United States Distributors

Distributor Phone Number Website
(Electrical Insulation Supplier)
888-347-7421 EIS
GEXPRO 888-4Gexpro
HISCO 844-807-1901 HISCO
Essex-Brownwell 800-805-4636 Essex
(stocks 1201 qt and 1201A)
800-343-9353 Eastwood

Canadian Distributors

Distributor Phone Number Website
Guillevin International 905-544-1900 Guillevin International
Electrowind/Eifco 519-836-2280 Electrowind
Paisley Products 416-751-3700 Paisley Products
Polifibra 844-789-0343 Polifibra
Franklin Empire 418-545-8313 Franklin Empire
Wesburne Electric 905-712-4004 Westburne Electric-west
Westburne Electric-midwest
CBS Electrical Insulation Materials 780-423-4301 CBS Electrical Insulation Materials
Ford Electric 866-414-673 Ford Electric
EIMET 800-387-5387 EIMET

European Distribution

Distributor Phone Number Website
Paint Service Group Ltd
Weydown Road, Haslemere
Surrey GU27 1BT, England
Tel. +44(0)1428-651246
Fax. +44(0)1428-661471
Paint Service Group Ltd
Astro Chemical 518-339-5338 Astro Chemical