Specialty Coatings and Adhesives

Locamotive Jets


Glyptal is the leading manufacturer of high solids primers and Topcoats for new locomotives.
These tough, corrosion resistant, yet economical coatings retain their luster despite years of punishing service

To our knowledge, Glyptal is the only company that manufactures a silicone epoxy, possessing extreme hardness (5P) and friction reducing properties while still adhering to magnesium and titanium.

Glyptal manufactures the best-selling electrical insulating coating in the world. Machinery can withstand arcing voltages in excess of 1500 volts for each mil thickness even while submerged in salt water.

Product performance over a wide range of: Industries Served:
Temperature Electrical
Pressure Electronic
Electrical field voltages Aerospace
Humidity Durable goods industry
Tensile and/or shear strength Defense
Durability and Flexibility Fine wood finishings
Electromagnetic forces Plastics
Subtrate type or composition Nuclear