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Proven Performance from a Proven Company

Glyptal is unique in possessing the technology available in large companies with the responsiveness and personal attention you would expect from a small company.

That responsiveness is enhanced by the assistance of over five hundred distributor outlets serving 46 countries worldwide. Ninety-six percent of all Glyptal orders are shipped within a week, and over ninety-nine percent of deliveries are on time.

When you call Glyptal, no one will try to sell you something out of a catalog, because you'll talk to a chemist. Since thirty-eight percent of all Glyptal employees work in either quality control or product formulation, products are tailored to your needs. In the last three years, less than one shipment in a thousand was rejected by a customer for quality reasons. Mistakes are minimized, because the typical Glyptal employee has worked in the chemical process industry for 23 years and realizes the significance of his or her contribution to the product.

If this doesn’t sound like the coating and adhesives company that you are working with, perhaps you should question the company you keep, and give us a call.

Glyptal's recently developed conformal coating possesses the most favorable array of strength, elasticity, and glass transition temperature of any other mil spec QPL coating available.
(MIL - I - 46058C)